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Could this really be the cure? February 7, 2012

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Could this really be the cure?

Isn’t it funny how the government would rather blame the citizens for their health issues? How could the government help regulate the growing number of overweight Americans? Is the elimination of fast food chains an answer or maybe a better regulation of processed foods whatever the answer maybe it is everyone’s interest to help American obesity.


Should We Just Order This? February 2, 2012

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In class we have been introduced to two stories about McDonalds, one on the four year old burgers and recently the video on McDonald’s “chicken nuggets.”  This made me start thinking what else is in the fast food we love so much? Check out this post


VOCES Oral History

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Assignment for this week’s 1st blog: Locate an oral history project (online) that interests you. Link to, and report on, this project. Who did the project? Why/for what purpose? For what audience? What did you learn about 1) oral history, 2) the topic of the interviews through exploring it? What did you like about learning from people, through their stories? When/did you wish for “ACADEMIC DATA” to explore these histories in a different way?

Finding things about my culture that interest me is not hard at all, but being able to combine my Hispanic culture with my American one is at the top of my interests. In class we are looking at oral histories and how they change us. When this assignment was assigned I had no idea what to google. Serching different things I came across the VOCES site. This site was created by a journalism professor, Mrs. Maggie Rivas-Rodriguez in 1998. This document was created to inform people of the great contributions Latinos/Latinas have made in the wars of the United States. I learned that Latinos have contributed to this country since the 1939 not only economically but also on the battlefield. Hispanics have gave their life for this country and in return have been dissapointed by the government in the way their present generations are being treated. Topics in this project start from involvement in wars to racism in the military units. Some veterans also talk about their personal life and how they were affected by the wars. What i liked the most from this site is that I can learn about my culture. I’m able to know the contributions that latinos/latinas have made to the United States and explore the things they did in these wars. My favorite part in History is WW1 and 2 and throught this site I can get a little more information on what happened in the battlefield. I wish that this would somehow help the situation Hispanics are living in this country now. Some people act like Latinos haven’t had any contribution to America and this is one in many ways that they have. They should be appreciated and rewarded for this.


-Reserch Ethics January 24, 2012

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The Guatemala Syphyilis and the Tuskeegee Syphyilis studies were unethical due to the lack of information given to the human participants. In the Guatemala case the men were infected through different ways, the most “accepted” way was with venerial disease infected prostitutes, if this did not work the prisoners/soldiers/mental patients were then infected by other more serious means. At the time this study was conducted there was virtually no reason for it to happen since the “cure or treatment” for syphyilis had already been proven to be penicillin, knowing that this was the main cause for the reaserch is much disturbing. In the Tuskeegee case the fact that they withheld valuable information to the participants is what makes it so much more unethical they were not complying with the informational consent rules and that made it a bad study from the start. One way both of these studies could have been a little more ethical was to not hold back any information that had to be given to the participants or that affected the participants in either way good or bad.


Healthcare in Our County January 19, 2012

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Prompt for first post:

  • “We are conducting a study of health and wellness in Robeson, Scotland, and Hoke counties. What do you already know about these issues in our area? What did you learn from the readings/videos we’ve engaged with so far? What questions do you have about community health and wellness in our area?”

I have lived in Robeson County for the most part of my life, being from the area I have witnessed the issues first hand. I fell that our community is not one of the best in the terms of healthcare. I am aware that Robeson county has the highest rates in the state of AIDS or other sexually transmitted diseases. From our readings/videos I have learned that not only are the citizens of Robeson and the surrounding counties affected by healthcare but the entire nation. More the 40 million people are suffering due to a decrease in available sources for healthcare. People are either uneligible for healthcare or simply can not afford it. Some questions that I have about the community health and wellness would be:

  • What is the state as a whole willing to do to better everyone’s wellness?
  • Are there ways that the people of these counties can come together and provide free healthcare for residents of Hoke, Robeson, and Scotland County and if there are ways how can we actually make this happen?